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I plan and organize trips and excursions throughout Switzerland as well as neighbour countries borders (South Germany, North Italy, East of France and West of Austria).

My services are thought for groups and family groups as well as for individual holiday makers. I will advise you, give you a hand when you need it, and meet your special whishes. For example, swimming in a remote and cristal clear alpine lake - a marvelous refreshment.

This way you will see the most beautiful and precious places in Switzerland. On the way I give you all the information you wish about traditions, folklore, politics, history, economy, and so on. Spontaneous ideas of yours are more than welcome.

Examples of excursions and trips:

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► The given times(*) refer to public transports

Gotthard region, Devils Bridge.

Devil's Bridge Devil's Bridge Göschenen Goscheneralp
From Zurich to Andermatt 2 hours*
The famous Devil's Bridge (Teufelsbrücke), from Andermatt in a 15 minutes walk through lovely pastures and the wild and narrow gorge Schöllenen with the river Reuss at your side. The lower is the Devil's Bridge, where in 1799 troups of Napoleon and Suvorov fought against each other.
The village Göschenen is situated just beneath the Devil's bridge, from where a beautyful alpine side valley leads you to the Göscheneralp (picture on the right).

The myth of the Devil's Bridge: people asked the Devil to give a hand to build this bridge. He, in return, asked for the soul of the first to pass it. People agreed - and sent a goat...
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The open air Museum Ballenberg

Museum Ballenberg Farm house Bern Cheese manufacturing Museum Ballenberg
From Bern 2:45 hours*
Located near Interlaken, the museum is embedded in a beautiful hilly landscape surrounded by steep high mountains. It is a large open air museum with typical houses from all the regions of Switzerland. Throughout the museum you will see traditional manufacturing and handycrafts such as cheese making over the open fire, chocolate manufacturing, textile handycrafts and many more. On the way several restaurants offer regional typical food and stores sell characteristic regional products.
► Official web site of Ballenberg

Säntis, 2504 m of altitude, Top of East Switzerland

Säntis Säntis Mountain Säntis Canton Appenzell
from Zürich 2:30 hours, from St. Gallen 1:30 hour*
The mountain range called Alpstein with the highmost peak the Säntis is a very popular tourist destination. Small excursions as well as extended excursion are possible in this rocky and steep environment and with a little bit of chance you will see grazing Alpine Ibex very closely near the Säntis peak.
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Grimsel Pass region and the Rhone glacier

Grimsel Pass Black nose sheep Grimsel Pass, wather division Hotel Belvedere Rhone glacier
From Bern to the Grimsel Pass you need 2:50 or 3:20 hours* (open only in summer)
The Grimsel Pass - a region with many possibilities for light tours and longer excursions in gorgeous mountain area. About an hour away from the hotel at the pass, you will most probably come across a herd of sweet Valais Blacknose sheep. Not only it is worthwhile to go upwards for the sheep, but also for small, idyllic and cristal clear lakes with magic colors and mountain-reflecting pictures - and all of a sudden a wonderful and breathtaking view on the Rhone glacier opens to you. This is the begin of the Rhone river which flows into the Mediterrean Sea.
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